We are a collective of gifted individuals who hold a vision to empower & bring healing to our communities and our earth. We offer online & in person programs, courses, workshops, retreats & one on one coaching/healing.

Topics include menstruation & womb wellness, sacred sexuality, astrology, law of attraction, moon cycles, business coaching and inspiration, mother earth wisdom, mystery school, rituals and ceremony, relationship assistance, sisterhood & all things "juicy women's business"!!!

By offering conscious, soul driven business expressions and cutting edge education it is our dream to provide a river of feminine nourishment for those who are in need & ready for change. We aim to empower your life & connect you to your soul path (on all levels of your being)! It is our hope that here you find sanctuary to remember all that you are. In sisterhood we encourage & inspire each other to be the best version of ourselves & shine in our unique essence in the world!


Astrology, mentoring, mindfulness & consciousness expansion sessions, psychic consultations, sacred sexuality & sensuality coaching & programs, yoga, circles, retreats, healing, growth & change sessions, intuitive guidance, readings, transmissions & one on one coaching. Sessions are offered both online and in person.

If your stuck and need assistance to break the cycle, and access the part of yourself that you may be struggling to access on your own, we invite you to book a session with one of our facilitators.

We are here to help...

Co creating lasting change!