Join us for a night of heart opening, relaxation, sharing, and immersion in sacred sensual bliss. According to Indigenous myth whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, cacao opens people's hearts and brings the earth to a state of harmony. Endorphins expand with the cacao magic and love consciousness. Our intention is to amplify our experience of love consciousness through the coming together of community, sacred sensual immersion with self & the gift of this beautiful medicine plant.

The night begins with a sharing circle and intention setting where we give thanks for the gift of cacao and drink together weaving the prayer to experience & amplify love in our inner being and on our beautiful Gaia home. You are then invited to enter the sanctuary of your inner experience as you lay down in savasana & receive nurturing touch & sensuous delight!!

Our sense of sight equates to 80% of our experiences. Which is why you invited to be blindfolded & dive into the blissful experience of the other 4 senses; touch, taste, smell & sound. Cacao opens the heart and pathways for awakening the depths of our human sensuality, reconnecting you with your heart, with the gift of receiving (yes you do not have to give!!) and of your absolute pleasure filled sensuous edges. Experience your own spirit and body in a way you may not have before.

There are actually no words to fully describe what this experience is.

It is you.

Your whole self, bodily, physically, mentally, mindfully, emotionally and spiritually. All of you expands into an intergalactic experience of Self.

Sound healing with Jade takes you on a journey through the realms of consciousness and opens up the portal of LOVE in your inner most being. Combined with a kick ass sound track that takes you on a journey in and of itself YOU will walk away different! Open, alive and awake to your bodies hummmmm and aliveness.

This is a fully clothed and completely integral event.

One you just wont want to miss !!!

Live music and sacred song with Jade & Friends