Within the ups and downs of hormone fluctuations lyes the keys to unlocking our infinite potential, our healing and our power as woman. Menstruation has sadly been labeled one of 'woman’s unfortunate inflictions', it has been misconstrued to be dirty, inconvenient and painful. Pain and menstruation is a very evident reality for most women in modern society. Both mental and emotional pain around premenstrual tension and physical pain while menstruating can be debilitating and cause havoc in our relationships and the progressive nature of our life & well being.

This workshop is 'the coming of age education' that we were never presented with. Explore the gift and magic of your menstrual cycle. Learn how to use the ebb and flow of your hormonal cycle to truly understand yourself as Woman. Turn your feminine rhythms into your greatest asset and place of power, deepening your experience of personal growth & self love.


  • Learn how to realign your life with the cycles of nature.
  • Develop a self care plan that is suited to the 4 hormonal phases your body goes through each month.
  • Understand the emotional tone for the 4 weeks of each month, and how to best prepare yourself for your menses.
  • Discover beautiful routines, rituals and self care practises that will nourish and energies you for the month ahead.
  • Break up with the pressure to be consistent all of the time and join hands with the revolution of feminine freedom!
  • Learn how woman's cycle is a powerful place of deep replenishment, wisdom, universal clarity & cleansing. Both for herself, her family and society. Sadly we have been misinformed and as a result this time of month has become a burden to bear (especially in relationships). We invite you to come and be nurtured with knowledge that is grounded in the ways of our ancestors, when they followed the cycles of the moon, the stars, the sun and the sky to create, prosper, harvest, dream and rest.
  • Open the door to allow the woman within you to guide you home to the temple within and discover that you are a magical gift to be celebrated and adored.

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